brewmapCentral New York brewers, distillers, publicans and vintners offer the state’s best craft beverages on par with any of the United States’ finest pints.

American connoisseurs support more than 3,040 breweries coast to coast, the most since the 1870s. You’re invited to experience the craft renaissance brewing in Central New York, a place where the stories, traditions and tastes behind craft beer, hard cider, wine and spirits collide like nowhere else in the country.

Whether tipping a farm-to-glass beer at a brewpub, sampling some moonshine or enjoying a sip of hard cider or wine, you’ll be a part of something special in Brew Central.

Just over a century ago, Central New York growers made the 10-county region the hop capital of the country. The fertile soils of Brew Central produced 90 percent of the nation’s hops in the late 1800's and the state was the No. 1 beer producer in the U.S. for decades.