Mission Statement: "Preserve and enhance the natural environment and features of current or historical significance through design, promoting the widest possible range of beneficial uses." The Central New York Conservancy (CNYC) was founded as a New York not-for-profit corporation on June 13, 2002. Since its inception, the Conservancy's mission has included comprehensive analysis and research of and site restoration in Utica, New York's parks system. The Conservancy promotes healthy, sustainable, public green spaces. It advocates for integrated design and management plans that marry the interests of public users with the health and future of the landscape and community. The Conservancy's plans each spring/summer season focus on the following: defining and developing priorities for restoring and preserving at-risk public spaces; developing plans for design, restoration, preservation and beautification of urban green spaces; articulating maintenance and management goals for designated priority sites within Utica's Olmsted-designed parks and green spaces.