Chobani Announces a $250,000 Gift to the Children’s Museum!
Jan. 4 2024

Chobani Announces a $250,000 Gift to the Children’s Museum!

EXCITING NEWS!!!! Chobani has announced their support for our new museum with a $250,000 grant to support the development of the World Market Gallery!

Hand selected by Chobani’s Central New York employees, the donation will directly fund the exhibit as a token of Chobani’s appreciation and support for the community it’s operated in for over 15 years.

The World Market will showcase multiple cultures, foods, languages, traditions and activities from ancestorial countries of people living in the local community. Chobani’s grant will help children build cultural awareness and celebrate the rich diversity of communities and families in the Mohawk Valley. There, children will unleash their imaginations, build empathy, and practice communication as they role-play at stations featuring the music, art, food, and language of different world regions.

“We are so thankful for Chobani’s commitment to food accessibility and their generous support to bring the World Market to fruition,” said Meghan Fraser McGrogan, Board President, Utica Children’s Museum. “Together, we can continue to enhance community life – Chobani with unmatched support for its workforce and their families, and the Utica Children’s Museum with an outlet for learning, play and FUN! We look forward to opening our all-new museum in 2024.”