New BREIA Trail
Dec. 30 2020

New BREIA Trail

More people than usual are coming out to the BREIA trails this year. The BREIA Operations Manager, Nick Heintz, says “Now that winter is here, we’re also seeing an increase in trail usage. When we have good snow, the parking lots are full. People are skiing, snowshoeing.” But it’s not just this winter. Mr. Heintz says “Spring, fall, and summer we saw the trails used very frequently.”

And with the greater number of people getting outdoors, BREIA is opening a new trail this winter! It’s on the Potatoe Hill Farm and there is about 4 miles of trails. Mr. Heintz says “That’s going to be opening soon. As soon as we get more snow so we can get out there and groom and open it to skiers and snowshoers.”

But this isn’t the only trail they will be grooming. Mr. Heintz says “We have over 70km of trails. And so, there’s three main locations for those trails.” They are the Canal trail, Egypt Road trails, and Jackson Hill trails. For trail maps and more information, Mr. Heintz says “They can go our website and get our rules. They can look at maps. And they can also find out about what the trail conditions are like.”

Happy Trails!