<span>Black-Owned Restaurants</span> <br>in Oneida County
Feb. 1 2023

Black-Owned Restaurants
in Oneida County

Something we’re proud of in Oneida County and in Utica is the diversity of our residents (we have more than 40 nationalities!). Did you know that Utica is home to thousands of immigrants who were seeking sanctuary hailing from countries like Vietnam, Russia, Burma, Lebanon, and many others? I found a quote on Lithub.com that spoke about Utica’s refugees that said, “And they become an economic engine for the city, starting small businesses, renovating down-at-the heels houses, opening houses of worship — and injecting a sense of vitality to its streets.” 


But more on all of this later. As we kick off Black History Month, it seems like the perfect time to shine a light a Black-owned restaurants in Oneida County, most of which are in Utica. But if you happen to know of others, please share with us! 


This blog features Black-owned restaurants that should absolutely be added to your list of spots to eat at. While the first part of this project is the list, we’re also super excited to be working with a girl we met through Instagram, Patricia. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be working with Patricia to showcase videos of some of the restaurants featured. The videos will give you an idea of foods you can try, and the amazing people who have planted roots in Utica and decided to feed us their incredible food. 

Rooster’s (Smashburgers & sandwiches)
Address: 814 Charlotte St., Utica, NY 13501
Menu Recommendations: The Figgy, the fries (get your burger ON the fries), & any special they’re offering.
Hours: Monday-Friday (11 AM – 2 PM, 4-8 PM)
Other: Cash only!

Soul 112 (Soul food)
Address: 171 Genesee St., Utica, NY 13501
Menu Recommendations: Hot honey fried chicken, mac and cheese, cabbage, corn bread, and collard greens.
Hours: Thursday-Saturday (12-7 PM), Sun (12-4 PM)

Jibril’s Kitchen and Catering* (Halal)
Address: 8555 Seneca Turnpike (Sangertown Square Mall), New Hartford, NY 13413
Menu Recommendations: Birria tacos, sambusas and plantains.
Hours: Tues-Sat (11:30 AM – 7:30 PM), Sun (11:30 AM – 6 PM)
*Jabril’s is a fairly new restaurant and they are working hard to provide the best possible service and quality food. Please be kind and understanding as they open! 

Island Breeze Bar & Grill (Caribbean & American)
Address: 517 Mandeville St., Utica, NY 13502
Menu Recommendations: Oxtail, pepper steak, and jerk chicken.
Hours: Tues-Sat (10:30 AM – 9 PM) 

We hope this list provides you with ideas of new places to try! Our local restaurants are so appreciative of new customers, and they’re able to weave their cultures into the food they make each day. Support a new restaurant and let us know what your favorite dish is. If you know of other Black-owned restaurants in Oneida County, please share with us to add to the list. And be sure to check out our upcoming video series with Patricia where we plan to feature a few of these spots!