Oneida County Tourism Seeks Public Opinion for A-to-Z Food Tour Campaign

Hi Oneida County friends! You may have heard about our newest campaign, the ‘Oneida County A-to-Z Food Tour’ and came here to learn more. We’re thrilled to announce this campaign that will take locals and visitors on a unique culinary journey of our delicious, AMAZING local cuisine. Inspired by Greenville, South Carolina, our A-to-Z Food Tour will look at favorite dishes from restaurants to use on our website and social media.

But first, we need your help! Over the next few weeks, we’re asking you for submissions of your favorite dishes via an online form found below. Those who submit an entry will be qualified to win one of two $50 gift cards to a local restaurant of their choice.


-We want submissions that are beyond the popular chicken riggies and Utica greens… even though we love those too! Get creative!

N is for the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from One Genny
C is for Cambodian dumplings from Jiaozi 88

-We need dishes for every letter of the alphabet… and remember, we want the first letter of names of meals, not the restaurant!

-If you submit an entry, you’ll be entered to win one of two $50 gift cards to a local restaurant of your choice

One major goal of this campaign is to help the restaurant industry who has felt the deep impact of COVID-19. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather this past summer and fall allowing our restaurants to adapt and meet state regulations for outdoor dining. Winter presents too much of a challenge for outdoor dining and many people still aren’t comfortable dining inside. With this campaign, we’ll highlight the unique dishes and restaurants in the area… especially the vast variety of ethnic cuisine!

Oneida County Tourism plans to take each submission and review them before putting together a final list with each letter of the alphabet. The list will live on our website as a blog so that anyone can view at any time. We’ll also run a social media campaign to complement the list throughout the winter. To stay up-to-date with the A-to-Z Food Tour, follow us on Facebook at Visit Oneida County, NY and on Instagram at @ocnewyork.