Locavore restaurant receives recognition!

tailor2The Tailor and the Cook

“Enjoy masterfully prepared meals in a relaxed and hospitable setting. Our chefs create seasonal menus based on freshness and the availability of local products.” - Opentable.com

 On Opentable.com the Tailor and the Cook was chosen as the Diner’s Choice Winner for the New York/Tri-State Area with Best Overall, Best Ambiance, and Best Food! Open Table allows you to make restaurant reservations online, in a fast-cookie cutter format. After you make the reservation and your reserved date passes they will send you a link to a dining feedback form where you can rate your experience!  They compile feedback; the reservations are used to create the Open Table Diner’s choice lists. The Tailor and the Cook ranked in nearly 5 stars for every category with every recommendation.

The Tailor and the Cook is a unique locavore dining experience from the get-go. With every meal comes a story, the story of where your entire meal came from. Each product is supplied locally from a farm near you. Unlike most all restaurants where your waiter takes your order and brings you your food, at Tailor and the Cook the wait staff carefully takes their time informing you on any and all questions you may have for each meal. It is an incredible experience, not to be taken lightly. A very large chalk board lists featured farms, and details on poultry, and different produce. The atmosphere with low lighting, and close seating makes it very intimate. The passion is nearly palpable in the many appetizers, entrees, and desserts prepared for you. With a menu that changes with the seasons, you are sure to find something unique with each visit.

Right now you might be asking yourself “what is a locavore restaurant.” To put is simple it’s a person or restaurant interested in food that is locally produced, not moved long distances to market. The locavore movement in the United States and elsewhere was spawned as a result of interest in sustainability and eco-consciousness becoming more prevalent. The word itself was the word of the year in 2007. There are so many reasons for restaurants to choose to participate in this movement; a healthier meal, environmental benefits and economic/community benefits. Farmers who are in partner with locavore establishments use the crop rotation method when producing their organic crops; this method not only adds in reducing the use of pesticides and pollutants but also keeps the soil in good condition, rather than depleting it. These restaurants like Tailor and the Cook seek out farmers close to where they are located, which significantly reduces the amount of travel time taken for the food to get from the farm to the restaurants table. Reducing the travel time makes it possible to transport the crops while they are still fresh, without using chemical preservatives.

Locavores are interested in making an impact on their community by supporting the local farmers. The movement has been surprisingly successful in supporting small local farmers. After declining for more than a century, the number of small farms has increased 20% in the past six years, to 1.2 million, according the Agriculture Department. With over 40 different farms sourcing all of their food The Tailor and the Cook are second to none when it comes to giving you a true farm to fork eating experience.

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We recommend calling well in advance
at (315) 793-7444 or doing an online reservation with Opentable.com
The Tailor and the Cook is open Wednesday thru Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00pm 

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