Coronavirus and NYS Tourism

COVID-19 General Building Cleaning Guidance

It is clearly an unusual time for the tourism industry as we deal with the ever-changing conditions of the Coronavirus.  Safety is the first priority, and we want travelers to make decisions based on the latest information given their individual circumstances.  Older adults and travelers with underlying health issues in particular should avoid situations that put them at increased risk.  We are encouraging travelers to always exercise healthy habits when traveling and follow guidance issued by official sources of public health information, such as the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are currently no restrictions on travel anywhere within the United States.  We see our job at the Division of Tourism as letting travelers know that there continues to be vacation opportunities here in New York State for people looking to travel.  We will continue to present these vacation opportunities to travelers as they make decisions based on their individual circumstances and the latest developments with the virus.   

Some good resources for ongoing information:

A couple of specific items involving our work together:

-Attached is a document from the NYS Department of Heath website with information on Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection of public and private facilities, which might be helpful to some of your partners (e.g. hotels, restaurants, etc.).  It is also available at:  The governor made announcements today that will impact special events; we will provide written guidance when it is available. 

-As we work to gauge the impact of the Coronavirus on New York State tourism, we would appreciate feedback from our travel industry partners.  On behalf of your organization, your members, and the tourism businesses you represent, please share the following as you are able, specific to the current Coronavirus impacts on the tourism industry:

  • What actual impacts are you seeing now? Beside any canceled public events and temporary venue or business closures we asked about above, this might include cancelled private events, such as conferences or meetings, cancelled reservations, or other occurrences specific to your community.
  • Specific areas of concern you have for the near and longer-term future, such as employee attendance, lack of customers/demand/revenue, supply chain issues, etc.
  • Any other anecdotal information or insights you would like to share.