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Wild Weekends

November 22, 2020 Wild Weekends

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Utica Zoo

Phone: (315) 738-0472

One Utica Zoo Way

Utica, NY 13501

Get wild over the weekend at the Utica Zoo!
Wild Weekends are back this year, starting October 18th and running through March. From habitats to adaptations, every weekend we will be learning about something new, and have different ambassador animals out for your family to meet!
Walk-ins are welcome every Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm. This program is free with admission and open to all ages!
November 15th – Down in the Desert
Did you know that although deserts are quite warm during the day, they can get very cold at night? In order to live in this habitat, animals have to have amazing adaptations to survive! Learn all about what it takes to live in the desert and make a sandy lizard craft to take home.
November 22nd – In Your Backyard
As the weather gets colder and the snow starts to fall, animals all around us are getting ready for Winter! Join us as we discover the different ways that New York State animals prepare for and survive during the cold winter months!
November 29th – Grasslands
Grasslands can be found on almost every continent in the world and go by many names! Learn about the many different animals that call grasslands home and craft a critter to take home!
December 6th – Care of Exotic Animals
Looking to add a new fuzzy or scaly critter to your family this holiday season? Learn all about how the zoo cares for our ambassador animals and a couple of tips about caring for your critters at home!
December 13th – Go Green for the Holidays!
We’ll be sharing tips and tricks for eco-friendly decorating, wrapping, and gift making. Make a recycled decoration to take home and learn about how we can help animals and the environment this season!
December 20th – Holiday Cards for Critters!
Here at the zoo, we love to make special treats for our critters for the holidays! Stop by to make a holiday card for one of your favorite animals here at the zoo or drop off a gift from our wishlist!
December 27th – Winter Wonderland
Join us for a special edition of Wild Weekends! First, stop by the auditorium to learn about how animals in your backyard survive through the winter, meet an ambassador animal up close, and make a track card! Then, join one of our educators for a tour of the North Trek trail and see if you can identify any tracks left by native animals. Tours will be leaving the auditorium every half hour beginning at 1:00pm.
January 3rd – Feathery Friends
Feathers come in all shapes, sizes and colors! They are also used to help animals fly, swim, and balance! Learn about how birds use their feathers, beaks, and feet to survive in their habitats and make a feathery craft to take home.
January 10th – Shells & Scales
From lizards with scaly skin to turtles with tough shells, reptiles have a lot of different ways that protect themselves! Discover what makes reptiles so unique and meet a few scaly creatures up close!
January 17th – Spikes & Spines
Did you know that a hedgehog’s spines are made out of the same stuff as our hair? Meet one of our resident hedgehogs and learn about the different types of defenses mammals have to keep them safe.
January 24th – Furry Tails
Fur helps many animals to stay warm, blend in, and shed water! Stop by to meet one of our furry ambassador animals and grab a furry animal scavenger hunt to take around the zoo!
January 31st – Exoskeletons
Did you know that over 90% of the animal kingdom is invertebrates? And they come in all shapes and sizes! Join us as we learn about these incredible animals, meet a couple of our resident invertebrates, and craft a creature to take home!
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