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Area 51.2 Wagner UFO Base Haunted Halloween Event

October 23, 2020 Area 51.2 Wagner UFO Base Haunted Halloween Event

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Wagner Farms

Phone: (315) 339-5182

5841 Old Oneida Road

Rome, NY 13440

Wagner Farms is changing it up some this year for Halloween, we are offering haunted corn maze walking trail instead of wagon ride to give you a better interaction between actors and yourself. Cost has been reduced to $5/person and children under 2 are free to enter. Wagner. Farms haunted events are family friendly and meet all social distancing requirements. Our extra wide pathways, spaced out admission and over all design allows you to partake how you feel safest and secure. We will be open all 5 weekends now in October. First 4 Friday and Saturdays and final Friday nights run 7pm-10pm each night while Halloween day we are offering day time Trick or Treat from noon - 4pm for children under 16 years of age and Adults only night starting at 7pm-10pm with ages of 17 years and older.
You come expecting to scream but will soon find out it is much more than that, a fear or uncertainty of not knowing what awaits you on that next twist or turn of our haunted walking trail. That’s right no wagon ride this year as the main event, we feel you will get more from a one on one interactive event as you wonder through our haunted corn maze, walking trail system and pathways back to the Event Center. A trail that will bring you to realize your fears or wondering minds thoughts of what if’s ????? UFO? They do exist.... Aliens maybe? Crazy people? Clowns and grim reapers? Sure.... How about a chain saw person who takes pleasure in making you wet yourself? Never know.
We are posting this early this season to let the competition have plenty of time to prepare to infiltrate and figure out just what we will offer. As always our events change from night to night and are full of smoke and mirrors, lighting and special FX’s We are looking for volunteers who are compensated for their time to help, haunt, park or for security as needed. Contact us about opportunities wit Wagner Farms. Farming today means knowing how to grow much more than a crop, growing events and experiences are something new for us, as this 3rd year comes to a close we will continue to take all that has been learned from the past few years and make it even better for you.