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Closed temporarily -SUM Artists: Visual Diagrams and System Based Explorations

February 23, 2020 Closed temporarily -SUM Artists: Visual Diagrams and System Based Explorations

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ruth & Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College

Phone: (315) 859-4396

198 College Hill Road

Clinton, NY 13323

Curated by Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez

4:00–6:00 P.M.

This exhibition presents several generations of artists who, in sum, investigate and visualize divergent subjects of pressing concern—the arts, culture, history, race, gender, politics, economics, humanities, transportation, and the quotidian, among others—through the process of data visualization. Featuring recent and historical artworks across a broad array of mediums, the exhibition explores the intersection of these subjects primarily through charts, maps, diagrams, and lists.

Participating artists include Elisabetta Benassi, Vincent Como, Jennifer Dalton, Theo Deutinger, David Diao, Mary Beth Edelson, RYAN! Elizabeth Feddersen, Daniel Feral, Richard Garrison, the Guerrilla Girls, Alfred Jensen, Mike Mills & Experimental Jetset, Loren Munk, Eadweard Muybridge, John O’Connor, Wendy Red Star, Faith Ringgold, Leslie Roberts, Dread Scott, Ward Shelley, Batia Suter, Athena Tacha, Massimo Vignelli (with Joan Charysyn and Bob Noorda of Unimark International Corporation), and John Zinsser.

SUM Artists also includes a selection of rare materials on loan from the Special Collections at Hamilton College’s Burke Library. These precedent prints, books, and drawings by Sebastian C. Adams (1825–1898), Jonathan Cummings (1817–1894), Kerista community member “Even Eve” Furchgott (active 1970s), William Law (1686–1761), and Ezechiel Sangmeister (1723–1784), date from the late seventeenth to the mid-twentieth centuries and point to a longstanding tradition of graphic representations of information.

The work in this show embraces the appearance of empiricism and offers a kind of truth, but one arrived at through the experiential and emotional filters of the artists. They present a form of visual hypothesis that is usually heavily researched, subjectively compiled, and flexible in intention. Highlights in the exhibition include Mary Beth Edelson’s now legendary hand-colored lithograph Some Living American Women / Last Supper (1972), in which the artist collaged the faces of preeminent yet underrecognized female artists atop those of Jesus Christ and his apostles in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper, thereby creating her own artistic pantheon; David Diao’s Barnett Newman, The Paintings in Scale (1991), a painted inventory of the renowned Abstract Expressionist artist’s relatively modest output during his now celebrated career, charted according to the format, dimensions, and year the paintings were produced; and RYAN! Elizabeth Feddersen’s wall installation Kill the Indian, Save the Man (2017–present), which exhaustively maps the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Indian boarding schools that were established in the U.S. to assimilate Native American children, with devastating, indelible cultural repercussions.

In today’s supercharged political climate, additional works of particular currency include Dread Scott’s silkscreened diptych #WhileBlack (2018)—which features portions of two unending lists of social-media hashtags, one describing the hazards posed by racial discrimination (#DrivingWhileBlack, #GoingIntoYourBuildingWhileBlack) and the other offering more wishful aspirations (#WantingToKickOpenPrisonDoorsWhileBlack, #WantingToBeFreeWhileBlack)—as well as architect and designer Theo Deutinger’s chilling nonfiction publication Handbook of Tyranny (2018), which uses dozens of graphic illustrations to illustrate the systematic control of populations via structures of political and economic power. Through diverse materials and interpretations, this exhibition presents many opportunities for exploration, from its emphasis on the humanities to scientific references to political content. 


Saturday, February 15, 4:00–6:00 P.M.

Opening Reception

Wednesday, February 19, 4:30 P.M.

Artists in Conversation: Matthew Deleget, Rossana Martinez, and Loren Munk
(co-sponsored with the Art Department)

Curators Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez will be in discussion with painter Loren Monk.

Thursday, February 20, 4:30 P.M.

Gallery Tour

Curators Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez will lead a gallery walk-through and discussion of the exhibition, introduced by the Wellin’s Johnson-Pote Director Tracy L. Adler.

Tuesday, March 10, 5:00 P.M.

Director’s Tour

Johnson-Pote Director Tracy L. Adler will lead a tour of the exhibition.

Monday, April 6, 4:30 P.M.

Roehrick Lecture: Wendy Red Star

Exhibiting artist Wendy Red Star will present a lecture and lead a discussion about her artistic practice.

SUM Artists is curated by Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez, artists, educators, and the founding directors of Minus Space Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.