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Exhibition: "Innovative Approaches, Honored Traditions"

October 12, 2017

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ruth & Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College

Phone: (315) 859-4396

198 College Hill Road

Clinton, NY 13323

In celebration of its fifth anniversary, the Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College is pleased to present an exhibition featuring a selection of 140 works of art drawn from its permanent collection. Innovative Approaches, Honored Traditions brings together new acquisitions and artworks donated by alumni and friends of the College as early as the mid-nineteenth century. Examples include Ancient Greek vases, glass vessels from the Roman Empire, Mesoamerican ceramics, and Native American objects of material culture as well as historical and contemporary prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and paintings. The diversity of the exhibition reflects that of the collection itself, which contains art and artifacts in a range of mediums from a variety of cultures and eras, dating from 1300 BCE to the present. Through its global collection, original exhibitions, and varied programs, the Wellin Museum of Art stands as a synthesis of venerable practices and new ideas that inspires curiosity and interconnectivity among a range of audiences and academic disciplines.

Innovative Approaches, Honored Traditions offers a number of "lenses" through which the collection can be viewed. The exhibition's sections are inspired by Hamilton College's educational goals: intellectual curiosity and flexibility; analytical discernment; aesthetic discernment; disciplinary practice; creativity; communication and expression; understanding of cultural diversity; and ethical, informed, and engaged citizenship. By calling attention to the multifaceted nature of art and the layers of meaning it inevitably contains, the exhibition demonstrates the parallels between the Wellin Museum of Art's collecting philosophy and the liberal arts experience overall, which brings together many modes of learning and areas of study.

This exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated publication featuring an essay by Katherine D. Alcauskas, the Wellin Museum's Collections and Exhibitions Specialist and curator of the exhibition, detailing the history of the arts and collecting on Hamilton College's campus, from the establishment of the original "Cabinet" in 1850 to the technologically sophisticated galleries, teaching spaces, and open storage of the Wellin Museum today. The book also includes a foreword by Hamilton College President David Wippman and a preface by the Wellin Museum's Johnson-Pote Director Tracy L. Adler.

Museum Hours: Tuesday-Sunday  11am-5pm

(Free and open to the public)